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Alisaz was founded in 1974, and has become one of the most respected engineering, procurement, and construction companies in the Gulf. We stand apart for our civil, industrial and steel structure construction.
Alisaz has achieved many awards in the past 38 years and has gained trust and respect with local and international clients.
The current outstanding stage of Alisaz Monumental is oil field development; including clusters, sea water intake and also onshore facilities for French Company (TOTAL), which has all been completed in a timely manner.
Alisaz is also involved in a diverse range of medium EPC and EPIC contracts which are based on experience gained from completed as well as ongoing projects.
Alisaz is also evolving in alternative businesses, specializing in various industries such as oil and gas, steel structure, waste management, etc. We offer a variety of employment opportunities based on team approach which range from engineering to EPIC contracts.
This establishment is gradually progressing, bracing new challenges with an exceptional amount of professionalism and emphasizing training and HSE, thereby achieving greater success in all their endeavors.